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Some say leaders are born and not made, but here at Steps, we believe that leadership can be learned, practised, and developed with our leadership and management courses. So if you are planning on becoming a great leader among your team of employees and have impeccable management skills, then you have come to the right place! Steps is a drama based training consultancy company. We are experts in achieving goal-based behavioural changes with you and your team.


With almost 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that our drama based leadership and management training courses will enable you to reach your fullest potential. If you are interested in our wide variety of courses and drama based training models, then all you have to do is call us on 02074 039 000 or send us an email at mail@stepsdrama.com to get all the information you need from our dedicated team.

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When Will I Start the Course/Training?

Here at Steps, we are a team of method actors that began their journeys by helping student doctors talk to patients by acting out various scenarios. We have almost 30 years of experience in providing many different organisations with high-quality drama based training courses. We offer our consultancy services globally in over 70 different countries.

We provide courses with varying goals and aims, but the means to achieve them remain the same – drama based training! Once you partake in our leadership and management drama based training courses, you will be able to enhance and further your leadership ability. Our courses are bespoke, as we focus on your organisational goals.

Drama has a lot of sway over beliefs and attitudes. When you start one of our courses, you will be educated by experienced tutors with access to recorded media carefully chosen to fit your exact needs and specifications. Our Leadership and management Courses can enhance the right set of behavioural changes, and the most impactful method of changing behaviour is the power of drama!

The first phase of the course is to “see it”. To see and assess your current behaviour and how these behaviours could be changed for the better. This serves as an excellent starting point from which to proceed.

We understand that change is difficult for adults. To really change their behaviours, they need to truly understand the need for change to actually go through with it. That’s why our second phase of the course is to “own it”. Self-actualisation of this newfound knowledge will help motivate you to partake fully in the course’s educational exercises and reach the desired outcome.

The next steps are to “change it” and “live it”. We work towards changing more toxic behaviours into ones more conducive for leadership and management roles. These changes have positive influences, such as boosting morale and improving staff retention and productivity.

With Steps, you will find that you are more than just a leader or manager in an organisation; rather, you are shaping yourself into the best version of yourself.

Aims of the Course/Training

Leadership and management roles require that the person in charge understands the role, work environment, and team working under them. They understand the community and culture of team members in their group or organisation. Thus, they adapt to their environment and use their environment to motivate their people to their fullest potential, bringing out the best in everyone. That is what makes a great leader and manager!

Obviously, no leader can do that without the skills, traits, and behaviours that leadership is built on. Many different educational programmes and courses that teach leadership and management skills focus on similar concepts and theories such as the result, outcome, and improvement strategy. But, one very important aspect that is overlooked and missing in almost all of these courses is the real, implementable, and live elements of leading and changing.

At Steps, we will be working with you side-by-side to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality educational programme available. Through our courses, we will set realistic goals for you to achieve through a variety of techniques. This includes the use of method acting within drama based trainings, scenarios to observe and enact, as well as bespoke videos and exercises to fit your exact leadership and management needs.

The main aims of our course include:

  • Facilitating Development and Assessment Centres
  • Executive Level Coaching
  • Developing Permanence and Feedback Skills
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Leadership Responsibility in Regulated Environments

The aims of this course can vary depending on each case and individual. For example, we can focus on long-term behavioural change that you might personally need due to lacking in an area or due to a behaviour having high importance to your organisational goals and needs.

A great leader needs great communication skills, but leaders in different fields might need less public speaking skills and more management and planning skills. Steps have you covered in all areas!

Who Should Take This Course/Training?

Leadership and management skills are key skills for many different areas in life, not just the workplace. Leadership and management skills are needed in businesses, companies, healthcare, as well as the fields of science and innovation. In addition, leadership and management skills come in handy when you are in a position that demands you to take the lead and be in charge of a multitude of different projects, tasks, or even individuals.

A teacher, researcher, CEO, nurse, doctor, or multinational business owner are all examples of individuals that can take our courses. Nurses and doctors can benefit from leadership and management skills in their day-to-day lives of medical work and patient interaction. Moreover, teachers need to have the leadership and management skills to keep their class in order, manage projects, and to maintain a strong personality for students to listen to and take heed of.

Our leadership and management courses are a perfect fit for anyone individually or within an organisation that is seeking to acquire and maintain lifelong leadership and management skills and behaviours.

Benefits of Leadership and Management Courses/Training

Leadership and management drama based training courses will help you in many different ways. Steps‘ focus and approach are to engage your heart and mind to allow you to understand what leadership and management are in the most practical form.

We focus on the practical part more than the theory of leadership and management skills. As Steps offers bespoke courses, the course you will take will be catered to your needs and taken at your own pace. Leadership and management training is aimed at teaching you positive behavioural changes that are key to leadership and management positions.

Communication, organisation, planning, community engagement, and the development of an effective team that can work together are key benefits of our leadership and management courses.

What You’ll Get Out of Our Leadership and Management Course

Steps’ leadership and management courses use interactive and creative drama based learning and training methods. Unlike other courses that go over theories of being a great leader and manager, Steps wants to focus on the real world that we live in and focus on the practical element of leadership and management.

Leadership and management positions involve high-calibre decision making, plan evaluation, and execution. Charisma and personal strength are needed a lot to be a leader or manager. These behavioural traits will be established and acquired and will carry on into your future.

The behaviours and skills that you will learn through drama based observation and enactment of professionally designed scenarios will enable you to motivate your people and team and coach them as a leader. They will also help you provide effective feedback which will help them develop further and support the creation of an inclusive culture for everyone you are leading.

Our team of experts at Steps will make sure that you learn how to manage, lead, and acquire the behaviour of a great leader or manager. 

Why Choose Steps Drama

Steps as an organisation that started with us as a group of performance actors helping out student doctors with patient communication. Delivering bad news and talking to a difficult patient are real life practical skills that doctors need to develop. That’s why we here at Steps are devoted to helping companies, organisations, and teams with drama based training with a wide variety of courses.

Our courses are focused on cultivating and introducing behavioural changes that will last a lifetime. Drama and theatre observation and enactment with our participants’ help build verbal and non-verbal communication skills and confidence. It is also one of the most entertaining ways to learn real and practical ideas and behaviours.

Communication, leadership, management, and coaching are only some of the courses that our professional team is ready to provide you with. We work with clients all around the world to consult on, create, and deliver highly engaging live and virtual learning programs that help organisations change their behaviour.

So, suppose you are looking for a highly engaging and practical course for your organisation’s leader and managers or for a small business where you are trying to manage at least five other employees. In that case, you can rely on Steps for all your drama based training needs.


Our Other Programs

Here at Steps, we are experts in all different types of drama based training courses other than our leadership and management course. Drama based training can tackle many different skills and behaviours, such as:

Whatever you need, Steps is here for you. Just get in touch using the details below.

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Are you looking for an educational course that is going to give you a step up in your leadership and management skills and behaviours? Then look no further than Steps! Steps is a drama based educational organisation that uses creative learning techniques to achieve the best long-lasting results. We use different types of learning techniques such as live, virtual, and prerecorded media to allow our participants and students to observe and reenact scenarios to help them learn and practice positive behaviours.

The leaders and managers of the future are waiting to be discovered and be trained in our leadership and management courses.

With almost 30 years of experience providing our services globally in more than 70 countries, we are confident of our ability to offer the highest quality leadership and management courses. For more information, call us on 02074 039 000 or send us an email at mail@stepsdrama.com to get all the information you need.

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