June 2021 Open Workshops

3 June 2021


For our open workshops in June 2021, we’ll be re-running our popular session Microaggressions: How to Challenge and Change, which, will also look at the effect of microaggressions on the LGBT+ community, as part of Pride Month. We’re also introducing an updated version of Managing in a Hybrid World as we begin to head into hybrid working.

The 90-minue workshops are fully interactive, with discussion encouraged – and using the drama-based approach to change you know us for. To register for these open workshops, please email mail@stepsdrama.com with your name, organisation and session(s) you’d like to attend.

  • Managing in a Hybrid World – Wednesday 16th June, 10am EDT/3pm BST/4pm CEST. How do managers effectively lead, develop and support the needs of both virtual and office-based teams? Join us as, over 90 minutes, we explore the challenges that are posed by managing hybrid teams and reflect on the behaviours that best support leading and developing in a ‘post’ COVID-19 world.
  • Microaggressions: How to Challenge and Change – Thursday 24th June, 10am EDT/3pm BST/4pm CEST. What can seem like an innocent gesture, compliment or request can often times be received in a negative way.  When microaggressions manifest themselves in our working relationships they can have a lasting, detrimental, impact on the individual and on an organization’s culture.   So how do we challenge them and change our behaviours to be more inclusive? Join is for our session as we look at this question, and as part of Pride Month, also look at their effect on the LGBT+ Community.