July 2021 Open Workshops

4 July 2021


For our open workshops in July 2021, we’ve put our focus on global working – with sessions available across time zones to give more opportunities to experience a Steps workshop. We’ll be re-running our popular workshops on Race & Actionable Allyship at Work on a US/UK/Europe time zone, and Microaggressions: How to Challenge and Change on an Asia Pacific friendly time zone – so please forward this invite on to your global colleagues! Steps India are also running targeted towards India-based participants on Mental Health in the Workplace: Having the Conversation. To register for any of these workshops, please email mail@stepsdrama.com .

  • Race and Actionable Allyship at work – Thursday 22nd July, 08:00 PDT/11:00 EDT/16:00 BST/17:00 CEST. As we reflect on one year on since the events of May 25th, how can we take the momentum and awareness built over the past year and channel it into action towards change in the workplace?  What does it look like to be an ally not just in words, but in action? How are we speaking up and recognizing when privilege and power come into play in the workplace? Over 90 minutes, we explore how bias might inform our decision making in the workplace, own the ways our privilege affects those choices, change the way we think about that privilege, and live the actions of an ally.
  • Microaggressions: How to Challenge and Change – Wednesday 28th July, 06:30 BST/ 11:00 IST/13:30 HKT/14:30 JST/15:30 AEST What can seem like an innocent gesture, compliment or request can often times be received in a negative way.  When microaggressions manifest themselves in our working relationships they can have a lasting, detrimental, impact on the individual and on an organization’s culture.   So how do we challenge them and change our behaviours to be more inclusive? Join us for a 90-minute workshop as we look at this question.
  • Mental Health in the Workplace: Having the Conversation – Thursday 15th July, 11:30 BST/ 12:30 CEST/ 16:00 IST. Remote working has become the norm and hybrid working looks to be the future- so how do each of us ensure we are talking care of the wellbeing and mental health for ourselves and our teams in a non-office-based workplace? How do you spot signs that a colleague is struggling in a virtual world, and how do you begin to have effective conversations about it? Join our Steps India team for a 75-minute interactive workshop as we explore these questions.