Inclusivity and Unconscious Bias

Are you looking to train your employees to be more inclusive and less unconsciously biased? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Steps are the premier team for teaching via drama. So, to find out how we can help teach inclusivity, call us today on 020 7403 9000 

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Dealing with Unconscious Bias

Here at Steps, we want to help businesses of all types and sizes deal with unconscious bias in the workplace, creating a much more inclusive and prosperous business. In any business, dealing with customers and other employees is of the utmost importance, and you will need to know how to properly interact with each other – this is where we come in with our drama led training 

With our drama led training, we can help you and your employees by actively showing examples in the workplace, allowing you to better understand and formulate ways in which to change this behaviour moving forward.  


Ways to Avoid Unconscious Bias

The first step in avoiding unconscious bias in the workplace is to accept that we all have unconscious bias. Bias is all part of being human, but it is important to accept this and become more aware of your individual prejudice.   

It is also important to consider your decisions, as you can be unconsciously biased when you make a fast decision or act in the moment, so it is important to take a step back and evaluate for making any decisions.   

Additionally, it is helpful to monitor your own behaviour, question your reactions and first impressions of people, and reflect on any fast decisions you may have made. By doing this, you can see if you were objective or if your unconscious bias was at play.  

The above are all methods that we can help you learn and practice with our drama based courses.  

Making Workplace More Inclusive

Here at Steps, we aim to make your workplace more inclusive through our training for Inclusion and Hidden Stereotypes. While many workplaces implement some version of training, it is often lacking in interactive learning and focuses on statistics and theory.   

However, we use drama based learning, which is very much an interactive method that allows employees to actually see unconscious bias in action. By seeing this in practice, employees are able to identify areas of interaction that can be improved upon, thereby modifying their own behaviour in the future.  


The Benefits of Inclusivity

When you invest in training for Inclusion and Hidden Stereotypes, you will find that there are many benefits for your business and employees. Some of these benefits include:  

  • Higher Job Satisfaction  
  • Lower Employee Turnover  
  • Increased Productivity  
  • Higher Employee Morale  
  • Increase in Creativity and Innovation  
  • And Much More!  

Customer Service Training 

Here at Steps, we use drama led training courses to help educate you and employees on how to achieve great customer service. With this drama based teaching, we can show you and your employees’ credible client and customer interactions, helping you to see the impact of your behaviours in any given situation.  

Within this training, we will provide you with the tools and confidence with which to tackle challenging customer service situations when they arise. We focus on practical skills development with our customer service training, but also include theoretical knowledge and learning too.  

Coaching Skills 

You will find that there are few management skills that have a greater impact on your employees’ performance, motivation, and development than coaching. With effective coaching, decision making, team discussions, client meetings, and more can be transformed.  

We combine GROW and our own Steps to Change methods for our coaching skills, developing a coaching style that suits the individual and business. We will help you see the impact of your current behavioural style on others and how you can change this behaviour to improve your workplace and practices.  

Why Choose Steps Drama? 

Here at Steps, we have years of experience in the training industry, providing a wide range of courses that focus on drama based learning. In this time, we have built up a wealth of knowledge, which has enabled us to further improve and expand upon our services, tailoring each course to individuals and businesses. To foster inclusive workplace environments, we offer a range of training solutions, including Theatre based corporate training, Theatre Based Unconscious Bias Training, Drama Based Leadership Communication, and Unconscious Bias Courses Via Theater. These programmes are designed to promote self-awareness, behavioral change, and effective leadership. Learn more about our offerings by visiting our training services page.

As a company, we deliver our courses across the world, with a team that operated globally. With offices in the UK, India, the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, we can deliver our training courses to whoever needs them, wherever your business is located or operates.  

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