Inclusive Leadership Courses Via Theatre  

Are you looking to empower your team, improve your leadership, and bolster diversity and inclusion throughout your organisation? Positive change doesn’t happen overnight and can often take time. But with the help of Steps, it can and will happen. We teach inclusive leadership courses through the use of theatre, as this has been shown to be an effective tool at easily conveying complex ideas. 

Our training involves our team working with your team to achieve the behavioural change you desire. We seek to create a positive and harmonious working environment, changing perceptions and attitudes from the newest employee to the top company executives. By leveraging the power of theatre, we can achieve your goals through a diverse video strategy incorporating drama and creative learning techniques. 

Every course is tailored to the client company’s needs, so rest assured, we’ll devise the right programme for you. To learn more, call Steps today on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000. 

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 The Best Company for Inclusive Leadership Courses Via Theatre  

When it comes to inclusive leadership training courses that leverage the power of theatre, Steps are one of the leaders in the industry, backed by over 25 years of experience. We utilise theatre in the form of both live and media drama to encourage debate, exploration and to inform and even test out and practice new ideas. 

What is Inclusive Leadership  

Inclusive leadership is typically defined as a leader who remains aware of their own biases and preferences. They usually endeavour to seek out and consider different views and perspectives. This, in turn, helps them make better, fairer decisions. Our theatre training programmes are geared towards teaching this invaluable quality to forge better leaders. 

Why Inclusive Leadership is Important in the Workplace  

Inclusive leadership is important in the workplace as it embraces the notion of diverse thinking. In fact, diverse thinking is respected, managed, heard, and applied. By acknowledging and understanding how different people think and react to change, inclusive leaders are better equipped to communicate and influence in a positive way. This can make everyone feel valued and more receptive to new ideas. 

What You’ll Get from Our Inclusive Leadership Courses Via Theatre  

What you’ll get from our inclusive leadership theatre training is training through the application of high impact, engaging drama. Our approach is to leverage live and media-based drama to challenge issues, such as unconscious bias, in a way that’s honest, enjoyable, and engaging. We’ve found drama-based techniques are particularly effective for helping a person see their behaviours. 

This helps them take ownership, and from there, we can begin developing a new way of doing things. This is a powerful strategy honed over the last 25+ years. For you and your employees, it can translate to benefits that include: 

  • Happier and More Engaged Staff 
  • More Confident Staff 
  • Improved Staff Retention 
  • Improved Decision Making 
  • Reduced Work-Related Issues 
Behavioral Change Coaching | Steps Drama

Happier and More Engaged Staff

By bringing issues up in an engaging way, a mirror can be held up that reflects behaviours and highlights a need for change. By overcoming problems in the workplace and creating a more inclusive and harmonious working environment, our courses can make for happier and more engaged staff who are open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. 

 More Confident Staff

Because your staff will feel like their ideas are being listened to, and they are valued individuals, their confidence will grow. You’ll find your employees more willing to engage and bring new input to the table as they’ll feel like they have a voice in the company. 

 Improved Staff Retention

It goes without saying, but employees that feel valued are more likely to stay long-term. While this isn’t going to stop every employee from leaving, it’ll greatly address a large turnover caused by unhappy employees departing in search of better working conditions. 

Improved Decision Making

Because our theatre training improves a leader’s ability to engage in diverse thinking, they are, in turn, better prepared to communicate and influence in a way that gets everyone on board. Crucially, it helps with informed decision making that has a more positive impact on the company and workforce. 

Reduced Work-Related Issues Such as Bullying or Harassment

By helping people see (and often laugh) at the behaviours that occur within the company, theatre training provides a unique and effective emotional “punch”. People can witness the impact their behaviours can have, making them more willing to change. By encouraging critical thinking and active problem solving, we can, in turn, work to reduce bullying and harassment within the workplace. 

Why Choose Steps Drama?   

Steps maintain a global presence with our theatre-inspired training courses adapted for many different cultures and translated into many different languages. We operate across 70+ locations around the world, delivering industry-leading training programmes that bring about positive changes in workplace behaviour and attitudes.  

 Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals

We’re always inclusively minded when selecting the individuals that comprise our team, but we also ensure we’re recruiting the right people for the job. We make sure to incorporate the various skills our team will need to assist our clients. And we provide regular engagement forums to ensure we’re providing our team with the same inclusive environment. 

Bespoke Training for all Clients

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach, which is why we offer bespoke theatre training for all clients. Our approach guarantees that your organisation receives the training that’s appropriate to the situation. Our programmes are available not just for those in leadership positions but for every element of the organisation too. 

 We Work Globally

As mentioned, we work in more than 70 locations across the globe. Our programmes can be translated into different languages and for different cultures. 

We’re Diverse

Diversity is central to everything we do, and so we pride ourselves on the diverse working environment we maintain here at Steps. We’re committed to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and receives the same opportunities and rewards, no matter who they’re working for or where. 

We Offer Free Resources

If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to check out our online video resources. 

We’ve Worked with a Range of Clients

And if you’d like to see the sort of clients we typically work with, we recommend viewing our clients on our website. 

 Contact Us  

If you’re looking for inclusive leadership courses via theatre, you can be happy that you’ve come to the right place. You should now be more familiar with our training programmes and how they can improve inclusion in the workplace by forging more effective leaders. Using theatre is a radical concept that has been shown to be highly effective at bringing about the positive change our clients want to see. 

And with over 25 years of experience to call on, our global team are experts when it comes to such subjects. We’re confident of delivering results that will exceed your expectations. And because of our large international contingent, we can provide programmes in any language to fit any cultural framework. So, how do you get started? 

To get in touch with Steps, phone us today on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000. You can also get in touch by filling out our online contact form or emailing