Inclusion Training via Drama 

If you are looking for a method to implement behavioural changes and divert into an all-inclusive setting amongst your employees, you have come to the right place. 

Here at Steps, we have different methods of teaching to improve inclusivity. We are proud to offer you our inclusion training via drama. We are the go-to experts for drama-based inclusivity training courses. 

Get in touch with our experts today for further information about our inclusion training via drama. We are ready to explain our drama-based training courses that we offer to companies globally. Our specialist team will take you through the steps of our inclusion training via drama and its benefits for your employees. 

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The Best Consultancy for Inclusion Training via Drama 

Here at Steps, we take pride in being the number one team for inclusion and diversity training via drama. Our experienced staff have been using drama to help employees worldwide improve their behaviour and become more inclusive for years now. 

We are confident that we will help change your employees’ point of view on inclusion for the better through our exceptional diversity and inclusion and diversity training courses. Read on to learn more about our inclusion training via drama. 

What is Inclusion Training via Drama? 

Inclusion training refers to a series of employee training sessions designed to help individuals learn to work with other people of different backgrounds, abilities, nationalities, genders, ethnicities, etc. This training focuses on behavioural changes through inclusion and diversity training via drama. 

Here at Steps, we believe that you must realise your actions as they are if you want to see behavioural change. Such recognition proves effective as employees understand the need to be more inclusive through inclusion and diversity training. 

Our team will have your employees act out scenarios using drama to see different perspectives of how their actions might be damaging diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Then, the staff must realise where they are behaving wrong and what needs to change. This is crucial in our training.

Then we work with your employees on changing these behaviours. Next, our drama team introduces new diversity and inclusion skills and how to work on them. Finally, your staff will put these ideas into practice by incorporating them into their daily work lives. We wholeheartedly believe in this tried-and-true inclusion and diversity training technique via theatre, and it works for any interested company. 

Benefits of Inclusion Training via Drama? 

Inclusion and diversity training via drama is essential in a corporate environment, and it has many benefits. First of all, such activity can help your staff understand their role in the work environment and improve it for others. Second, having a diverse and all-inclusive workforce will enhance your company’s reputation, making it more appealing to competent individuals. 

Other prominent reasons why inclusion and diversity training via drama and theatre are valuable are:

  • Promotes Equality and Diversity 
  • Increases Confidence and Communication 
  • Reduces Risk of Discrimination  
  • Helps with Conflict Management and Resolution 


Promotes Equality and Diversity  

Equality and diversity in the workplace are promoted through inclusion and diversity training via theatre. This is done through behavioural training, where staff act out specific scenarios and get to reflect on behaviour they might be exhibiting daily. Once they understand what must be changed, they can begin implementing these changes in their daily lives. They know that everyone is equal and that diversity only enhances the company.

Our inclusion and diversity training highlights unconscious bias and other barriers to diversity and inclusion and motivates positive behaviours and attitudes. This will promote a respectful, inclusive workplace for all the staff. 


Increases Confidence and Communication

Through our well-studied inclusion training via theatre, staff will have increased confidence and trust in the communication process. In addition, this theatre approach to inclusion and diversity allows the team to increase collaboration, gain increased morale, and develop better interpersonal skills as they act out different scenarios, reflect on behaviours, and then implement behavioural changes.  

Your employees’ confidence will grow as they see their ideas are being heard and they are made to feel valued. In addition, because they will feel like they have a voice in the company, your employees will be more inclined to interact and generate new ideas. 

As a result, inclusion and diversity training improves the organisation culture.  

Increases Awareness of Unintentional Biases

Once we address drama through theatre in our training, staff will understand their unintentional biases and how they might act on them. With this conscious change, other staff can also take decisive steps toward healing. Diversity and inclusion training offers a safe and supportive environment for the team to face biases and prejudice appropriately and take repairing actions.

The fundamental aim of our inclusion and diversity training is to thoroughly educate your employees, which enhances their cultural awareness and teaches them the appropriate skills to cooperate equally and correctly with everyone on the team. 


Reduces Risk of Discrimination

With our diversity and inclusion training via theatre, staff maintain a commitment to diversity and inclusion. They actively change their behavioural attitudes and aim to be more inclusive. These actions decrease the likelihood that your team feel discriminated against. 

Increasing awareness through drama to respect other cultures, backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities can ultimately help prevent any risk of discrimination to any individual in the company.

Our inclusion and diversity training through theatre encourages shared values and demonstrates the importance of your employees’ voices. 


Conflict Management Training

Through our inclusion and diversity training via theatre, attendees can learn about conflict management. Excellent conflict management training enables staff to engage with each other positively. It teaches employees how to interact in a way that is respectful of others.

Our scenarios introduce practical conflict resolution techniques that both managers and teams can utilise. In addition, our all-inclusive behavioural focus helps people understand how to deal with conflict when it happens.  


Benefits of Working with Steps Drama 

When you work with Steps, you can rest assured that our inclusion training via drama will translate into positive behavioural change within your team. While it is true that many organisations offer diversity and inclusion training programmes, their approach is merely based on theory and statistics behind bias and diversity or on the consequences of having the wrong attitude. While it is informational, often nothing changes and workplaces lapse back into old habits. 

However, our Steps to Change leverages the full potential of diversity and inclusion training to enable employees to recognise their behaviours and practices and how these could be impeding inclusion. Our training addresses ways to change these behaviours. 

We used drama-based learning as it is an immensely effective technique for reflecting on workplace behaviour. It allows people to see what inclusion, exclusion, and bias look like in a real-world setting, think about how to do things better in the future, and begin to live the change.  


Industry Leading Experts and Experienced Coaches  


Our diversity and inclusion training via drama shines based on the high level of coaching our experienced team delivers. Here at Steps, we take pride in the fact that our team comprises only the highest qualified individuals who have worked extensively with a wide range of people from different countries over the years.

Our ability to provide great coaching is because of our team’s comprehensive knowledge of inclusion and diversity training. Our skilled staff have been using drama and theatre to help employees in different companies improve their behaviours and attitudes for years. Their extensive work makes Steps the go-to company for diversity and inclusion training today.


What Else Do We Do?

Here at Steps, we work on behavioural change. We can adapt our approach to a diverse number of topics. 

Through Steps to Change, we can collaborate to deliver the objectives needed in a credible, creative, and insightful way. For example, we can engage employees in a learning experience to reflect on their behaviours and then change them through theatre. 

We have several great change initiatives in areas including: 

  • Personal Impact 
  • Workplace Mental Health 
  • Allyship 
  • Health and Safety Behaviours 
  • Assessments and Development Centres 
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment 
  • Leading in Challenging Times 
  • Compliance/ Regulatory (e.g. SMCR) 

 So, if you are looking for a change or searching for something to cause a positive behavioural shift in your organisation, Steps would love to help you out. 


Our Clients 

Steps are proud to have increased the quality of our services by working with a variety of high-profile clients throughout the years. When it comes to inclusion and diversity training through theatre, our team has become accustomed to dealing with large and small businesses. 

We have gotten the chance to work with great clients like Aviva, Tesco, and a slew of other national and international brands. These businesses have benefited from our inclusive diversity training, which has resulted in better working conditions for their staff.  

If you would like to understand our work with these different clients better, you can go through our case studies page.  


What Our Clients Say About Our Diversity Training

Here at Steps, we take pride in our clients’ testimonies of our drama and theatre work to implement inclusion and diversity training. There is no better way to validate our behavioural change than to hear what our clients say about our diversity training. 

Many of our clients believe our approach to be unique. They also see long-term behaviour change through our Steps programme, change that lasts. 

To find out more about what our clients say about our diversity training, visit our website and read through their testimonies. 

Why Choose Steps Drama? 

We take pride in the fact that numerous businesses choose Steps for inclusion and diversity training through theatre. Our talented crew, made up of expert professionals, delivers all our theatre classes.

Steps offer courses to every firm backed by in-depth experience and a deep understanding of inclusive diversity training. For example, our clients choose our theatre-based diversity training because of our extensive experience.

Our approach is a journey and does not guarantee immediate results. It’s as much about changing the culture as it is addressing behaviours. But with our help, your company’s culture will change to be one where inclusivity is recognised as simply “the way we do things around here”. 

Contact Us 

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Our friendly team are always ready to answer any questions and discuss our drama training options, so get in touch with us to discover the right course fit for you. 

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