Inclusion in the Hybrid World

17 November 2021

Over 4 weeks, we took an in depth look at Inclusion in the Hybrid World. Missed some content? Here’s a recap of what we shared.


What has Hybrid Been Like for You?

What has hybrid been like for you? What have been the challenges and benefits? What effect does it have on inclusion? We asked Steps colleagues from across the business for their thoughts


What Have We Learnt about Hybrid Inclusion?

“From the ‘new normal’ to the ‘new hybrid’ – business transformation has been rapid, change has been a constant and inclusion has taken on new meaning as our people adapt to new ways of working. For us at Steps, it’s been a great challenge, a swift learning curve and an exciting time for innovation and creativity. ” So what have we learnt along the way? Jennie takes a look in her blog here…


Inclusion in the Hybrid World – Drama Scenarios

Take a look at our drama scenarios, focusing on different aspects of Inclusion in the Hybrid World – what would you do if you were one of the characters? Watch one of the scenarios below and catch up on the videos here.


What new issues and challenges does hybrid working bring when it comes to inclusion?

Take a look at Steps digital learning resource and explore a number of issues in relation to inclusion in a hybrid working environment, using the drama scenarios above – and as well as giving some tips and advice on how to minimise non-inclusive behaviours. Experience the resource here >>


What is different about Inclusion in the Hybrid World?

As the many organisations move into a hybrid model of working, what is the effect on inclusivity in the workplace? What are the biggest differences? We asked our clients for their thoughts…


Hybrid Inclusion: Bringing Me and My Global Colleagues Closer Together

“The boom of employees working from home has meant a seismic shift in what it means to connect with your colleagues on a daily basis and has had many of our clients asking: how do we maintain a sense of belonging and inclusion?”. As Head of US Business Development, based out of London, Allen has been ‘hybrid working’ before it was a term we all knew – read his blog here.


Hybrid Inclusion when starting a new job

How can you feel included when starting a new job in the hybrid world? We spoke to Nora and Beth, who joined the UKE team earlier this year, about their experiences. Find out what they said >>


What are your top tips for being inclusive in the hybrid world?

With working life going hybrid, it’s important to keep a focus on being inclusive. We asked some of our clients for their top tips – here’s what they said…


How do Steps Colleagues feel about Work from Anywhere?

The transition to any form of hybrid working can have its challenges – so what do employees think? Since the pandemic, Steps has moved from being a largely office based organisation, to a new policy of ‘work from anywhere’. As part of the transition, we asked our colleagues for their thoughts on the change – click here to find out what they said…