Five steps to successful leadership

8 January 2013

I don’t really want to do this but I said I would. However, there’s nothing worse than someone who says they going to do something and then doesn’t. So, for that reason only, it would appear I am now ‘blogging’.

I have never written a blog before. I have never read a blog before… I don’t like the idea of blogging. It smacks of pomposity – that someone would be interested in mine or anyone else’s pontificating! So, I will not be telling you what I had for breakfast nor will I allow you the benefits of my ‘five steps to successful leadership’ or any such shameless, self promotion.

Okay, I’ll give you No 1. Don’t assume anyone will be interested in what you have to say just because you’re a leader. If you do think that, you are probably a rubbish leader and you should get out now and let someone else have a go. Earn the right.

Steps 2-5 of successful leadership will only be revealed if you invite me to a proper meeting about proper work – and that meeting should be a dialogue not a monologue. Oops – that’s Step 2! I’m giving away my best ideas now…

However, I do this safe in the knowledge that nobody will ever read this apart from our Head of Marketing, who will need to approve it (or not) and asked me about bits she doesn’t understand and say things like, ‘Is it supposed to be funny?’… No it’s not. I’m doing this because she made me.

In the continued spirit of honest reflection, I have decided to list my new year’s resolutions as a commitment to myself for future reference and success checking. In forming these, it is my intention to be honest with both myself and others. I should be proud of my intentions and they should be practical, manageable and realistic and agreed with others (in this case, my wife. It’s very important to get buy-in. I’m much more likely to succeed is she supporting me)***.


A. Lose weight. Two stone. So that I can be good-looking again and healthier. I am inspired by Big Hairy Bikers – the TV program – I felt thinner just watching it.

B. Drink less. I can do this. I like tea and when I drink fizzy water my body sometimes thinks it’s beer anyway especially it’s got flavoured squash in it.

C. Do much more exercise. I am fed up holding my stomach in and it doesn’t even work anymore. I love exercise. I really do. I will walk everywhere and always ask myself – ‘do I really need to take the car?’ This will also help me achieve ‘A’.

D. Spend more time with my family and be present when I’m with them, not pretending I’m clever enough to talk to my kids while solving work conundrums in my head. I’m not. And they see through it anyway. My measure for this will be getting told off less at the dinner table and asked things like ‘Will you be joining us tonight Simon?’ (Okay, this is probably number 4 on the steps to leadership… Ensure you balance work with life. Be a good leader and be a positive role model to others. All work makes Jack a very dull boy.)

E. Finish my book. Yeah, that’s right I’m writing a book! Get it published – so it becomes a best seller and I won’t have to worry about money all the time.

F. Work hard and be nice to people.

There I’ve done it. I have clearly stated my intentions – I have blogged. And in doing so, I have inadvertently revealed the 5th step to successful leadership. I have done what I said I was going to do – I have fulfilled my promise.

I feel lighter already…

Yours sincerely,


***If you look carefully, the more enlightened amongst you may see Step 3.