Drama Based Training

Have you been searching for a way to implement lasting behavioural change amongst your employees? Are you open to different methods of teaching that have been proven in the largest firms? Then you need to get in touch with the experts at STEPS, the first-choice team for drama based training courses. We’re delighted to be the first-choice training team for a variety of courses. Be sure to get in touch with our experts today if you’d like further information on the drama based training options we offer. 

We are always willing to discuss our various drama based training courses at length, so be sure to call us on 02074 039 000 if you have any specific queries. Our team will go through your questions thoroughly and provide you with immediate answers. Alternatively, you can email us at mail@stepsdrama.com, where we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible with the required information. 

The Number One Company for Drama Based Training 

Here at STEPS, we’re delighted to offer companies the finest courses for drama based training that are available. We’re confident in being able to fulfil the needs of all companies and ensure that the necessary behavioural changes are implemented amongst their staff. Our team strive to exceed the expectations of clients and deliver training results that are sure to impress. Read on to learn more about our drama based training options and find out why we’re such a highly sought after team. 

What Is Drama Based Training 

Drama based training is the process by which people undertake training that involves them observing and re-enacting workplace scenarios through performance. Such a process is handled by a team of drama teaching experts such as ours at STEPS. This type of training is incredibly engaging, making it excellent for all employees. 

What’s Involved in Drama Based Training? 

Drama based training involves employees first observing the behaviour in their workplace by seeing it enacted by others. They will then need to acknowledge the aspects of such behaviour that are unacceptable before finally practising more appropriate behaviour themselves. Such a training method allows for more active and conscious changes in workplace behaviour. 

How Drama Based Training Can Benefit You 

Drama based training will be of benefit to your workplace as it will ensure that all employees behave appropriately while at work. You will find that your workplace is a more comfortable and inclusive environment for all staff. What’s more, drama based training is an incredibly effective method, so you’ll surely see an impact. 

Virtual Drama Training 

The world of work continues to change, and we at STEPS are trying to change with it. As such, we have introduced a series of effective virtual drama training courses. These virtual courses maintain all the fundamentals of our in-person courses and ensure the same high-quality results. 

Does Virtual Drama Training Work? 

In short, yes, virtual drama training does work. Our efforts in the past have resulted in a significant change in the workplace attitude of employees, which has been noted by the companies we have worked with. Our team have faith in the methods we use and will continue to improve and refine them in the years to come. 

Why Drama Based Training Can Help Your Company  

Drama based training is an excellent way of helping individuals at any level see and own their behaviours. Toxic elements can hold back any company, no matter how small or big the company might be. Through theatre based learning, you can create an entirely new way of doing things for your entire organisation. 


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Our Values and Ethics  

We’re driven by our values and ethics that underpin everything we do. You can read more about these by clicking the link. 

Some of Our Clients

Below are just some of the clients who’ve come to us for theatre based corporate training: 

  • Aviva 
  • Tesco 
  • Penguin Random House 
  • Co-Op 
  • RNLI Lifeboats 
  • Network Rail 

What Our Clients Say About Us  

Our goal is to take you on a fun and eye-opening journey. We’ve had plenty of success over the years with our various training programmes. You can hear more about these successes from those who’ve undertaken training with Steps. Simply click on our what our clients say page to find testimonials and links to case studies. 

Helpful Theatre Based Resources  

We’ve compiled some helpful theatre based training resources that are worth checking out. You can find out what’s new, click to find useful links, or browse our incredible video resources entirely at your leisure. 

Contact Us  

It should be obvious by now who to call for outstanding theatre based learning opportunities. Such a complex range of topics are never easy to broach, but we do so in a way that’s engaging and collaborative, helping individuals open their eyes to their behaviours and how they affect those around them. Our theatre based approach to learning is what sets us apart in this industry. Through the use of drama, we create an environment in which even the most reticent can find it comfortable to take part. 

So, how do you go about getting in touch with Steps? The most direct way to reach out to our training team is by calling us on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000. You’ll speak directly to a member of our friendly team who will provide you with information about our learning programmes. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry in writing by filling out our online contact form or emailing mail@stepsdrama.com