Drama Based Management Communication Training

Teamwork, communication, and understanding are all essential to a workplace setting. To ensure these goals are reached, you would need your team to act and behave in specific ways, and we are here to ensure that! Here at Steps Drama, we offer one of the best drama based management communication training programmes in the UK. You and your employees will observe and enact scenarios with drama management trainers to help you achieve the best behaviour in a work setting. 

 No environment will thrive if there is even one toxic member within it. The team’s goals, values, and ethics are our top priority to ensure the most functional workplace and team. So, if you are looking for a team of experienced trainers to offer drama based management communication training, then look no further. Reach out to us by calling 02074 039 000 or by sending us an email at mail@stepsdrama.com for any enquiries regarding our services. 

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An Introduction to Drama Based Management Communication Training  

Steps has been working to change workplace behaviour for almost 30 years. The founders of Steps began as role-playing patients in a medical setting for student doctors and have now become a global consultancy for the highest quality drama based management communication training programmes and courses in over 70 global locations such as the UK, USA, Asia, and India. 

Our mission is to help companies, organisations, and small work teams to achieve the highest level of understanding and communication through theatre-style drama management communication training courses. Our courses combine creative learning methods and techniques to make our training courses educational and enjoyable for all. Every team member is important and vital to a functioning team, and that’s why certain behavioural skills in leaders and employees are important to ensure a wholesome, positive, and progressive environment.  

What is Drama Based Management Communication Training?  

Drama based management training and communication training is a process in which individuals or team members are involved in observing and/or enacting specific and certain scenarios. These scenarios will help the team members spot and learn negative traits and aspects of certain behaviours and then learn to develop and practice positive workplace behaviour.  

Every scenario within our drama management training course is led by our theatre-focused expert team members at Steps. We will lead you towards a healthy work environment where communication is abundant and drama is nowhere to be found. 

Why Drama Based Management Communication Training is Important  

Some might say that such management training is ineffective or unimportant. On the contrary, drama based management training is vital to help any team reach their full potential! Boundaries and understanding are set among all team members as all employees behave appropriately while in the workplace. Inclusivity and team spirit will become more prominent within the workplace and the team. 

Newfound comfort within the team is ensured with how effective our theatre drama based management communication training is.  

Benefits of Using Drama for Management Communication Training  

There are many benefits to Steps‘ drama based management communication training. By allowing employees and managers to participate and communicate through different diverse scenarios, it will lead to the development of more than just behavioural changes 


Drama based training’s benefits include: 


  • Shedding light on issues that needed to be mentioned. 
  • Displaying out in the open behaviours of the employees that are occurring in the organisation. 
  • Allows for emotional observation as they see the effect of their behaviours on themselves and others. 
  • The practicality of the scenarios allows for easy identification of the behaviours. 
  • Problem solving skills are tested and honed. 
  • Enables multicultural learning methods while incorporating multiple languages. 
  • Presentation skills and public speaking.  


Drama Builds Confidence  

Drama based management communication training courses are made to teach and reinforce specific workplace appropriate behaviours. Yet, our participants benefit from the drama and acting side of our courses as well. 

To stand up in front of others and act out scenarios is no simple task. It takes courage, skill, and a strong personality to put yourself in the spotlight. Therefore, to enact and portray yourself in front of others builds confidence. 

Your employees will build confidence in their behaviours, body language, and their communication as they learn proper workplace behaviours. 

Develops Creativity   

Much like the theatre, sometimes you have to add a personal touch to your art. Here at Steps, we encourage free interpretations and open mindedness when it comes to our observations and reenactments.  

How employees deal with the set-up scenarios is based on their problem solving skills, their emotional and social intelligence, and their personality. The floor is theirs to let their creativity and inspiration flow!  

We do not force behaviour onto your employees; rather we allow them to explore and understand proper behaviours on their own through the use of observation. 

It’s Fun and Engaging  

Steps was founded by performance actors that were helping student doctors with patient communication. It was an easier way for new students to learn how to communicate while removing the pressure of it being a real scenario.  

The key term here is “removing pressure”. Drama based training is fun for everyone! Observing or enacting scenarios are great ways to train behaviour improvement skills and deliver a strong message regarding behaviour. Some participants will self-reflect while acting and even have a good laugh regarding themselves. 

Improves Both Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication  

To act or perform, you must do two things; move and speak. Drama based management training is excellent for helping out with both verbal and non-verbal communication. To stand up and act in front of a small audience, speak out loud, carry out a planned or impromptu conversation all are amazing ways to build verbal and non-verbal communication skills. 

Other Drama Based Training  

Here at Steps, we are experts in all different types of drama based training. Drama based training can address many different skills and behaviours such as: 



Performance Management  

Drama based training can be aimed at improving the performance of an entire team while being aimed at the team or the leader by themselves. We work with team leaders to help them cultivate a positive work environment for their team.  

To make sure each employee is working to the best of their abilities, we use our presentation skills and communication skills to allow each team member to reach their full potential. Assessment and communication are key to developing the skills and behaviours of employees. 


Customer Service  

Other than changing the behaviour towards team members in the workplace, we also have courses aimed at training employees to improve their behaviour towards customers and clients. To ensure the best experience at work for both you and your employees, we provide the tools and skills necessary for your employees. 

Communication skills, problem solving, and the most practical skills that are needed to interact and deal with customers on a day to day basis are all provided here at Steps 


Coaching Skills  

One of the most impactful skills in the fields of management and leadership is coaching. Coaching is a skill that can be learned, practised, and taught. Steps will help you use these coaching skills to better the personal and professional development of your team. Effective coaching at Steps will help your manager or team leader in driving employees to become better decision makers and function better as a team with communication and common directions. 

Leadership and Management  

No team runs properly without the right person to lead them! Some say that people are born leaders, but here at Steps, we believe that leadership should and can be learned and achieved. 

Our leadership and management training focuses on improving your company’s vision and direction. Steps believes in the engagement of every leader in their organisation. Skills of assessment, coaching, performance feedback, inclusivity in leadership, and responsibility are what our new leaders learn from our courses. 

Why Choose Steps Drama?  

With over 30 years of experience in different drama based training courses, we here at Steps are more than confident that you will find with us exactly what you are looking for. We have a team of professionals that work on a global scale from over 70 countries. 

You will find with us the highest quality behaviour changing programmes that target every member of your organisation’s workforce. We achieve this through a wide variety of courses and different drama training applications and methods. Training and helping you achieve skills in management and communication behaviours to make the workplace a positive environment is our mission. 

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Steps Drama is a team of behavioral consultants that specialise in drama based training. So if you are looking to take your customer service to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place. With Steps’ customer service training, your team of employees will acquire practical skills and will develop behaviours that will help aid customers. Here at Steps, we ensure your company’s positive image by helping the customer experience reach an all-time high with our customer service training courses.

No matter how small or large your team of employees is, we will deliver our courses live, through online sessions, as well as through prerecorded media while all being completely bespoke. To learn more about our customer service training course or enquire about our variety of other courses, all you have to do is give us a call on 02074 039 000. You can also send us an email at mail@stepsdrama.com, and our team will respond as soon as possible.

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