Drama Based Leadership Communication

Are you taking a hard look at your company and realising that many of your employees that hold leadership roles could benefit from leadership communication training? Then look no further than Steps as we deliver bespoke drama-based leadership communication courses designed to teach leaders how to communicate with their team effectively.

Whether you run a small start-up with a dozen or so employees or a global business spanning dozens of countries, we invite you to speak to us. Through the power of drama, we can equip your leaders with the communication skills they need to foster diversity and inclusion training amongst your ranks. This will, in turn, boost morale and productivity and lead to a happier work environment.

We would be happy to discuss your organisational needs and how we’re equipped to meet them. To learn more, get in touch by calling Steps on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000. We look forward to working with you!

An Introduction to Drama Based Leadership Communication

Drama-based leadership communication training might seem like an extravagant luxury that isn’t worth the time or money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The workplace can be defined as a melting pot, and with so many different people from an eclectic range of backgrounds working together, friction is inevitable.

together as a cohesive unit while maintaining productivity and morale. The trick is to lead by example, such as through inclusive leadership. Toxic behaviours can fester if left unchecked, and these behaviours can often begin at the top.

An effective leader understands how to communicate effectively with each member of the team, and that’s where we come in.

For over 30 years, Steps has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes overcome toxicity in the workplace and build happier, more inclusive workforces. We work with employees and leaders, ensuring that any change occurs at all levels of an organisation. We began our journey helping student doctors develop their communication skills; today, we’re a global consultancy.

We deliver high-quality, leadership and management courses to companies in more than 70 countries, spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia, and India.

We leverage the power of drama to teach teams of all sizes how to achieve the highest level of understanding and communication in the workplace. Our courses combine real and media-based drama with a variety of other teaching methods to ensure that our courses are both enjoyable and insightful. We ensure that by the end, companies are ready to embrace the new norm, ensuring a toxic-free environment where everyone can feel safe and appreciated.

To learn more about what drama-based leadership communication is and why it’s important and beneficial, keep reading or call Steps today.

What is Drama Based Leadership Communication

At Steps, we recognise that the key to maintaining a happy, productive workforce is communication. If communication is lacking or overly negative, or antagonistic, this can lead to conflict. It can destroy morale, leaving employees feeling unappreciated, less likely to give 100%, and with one foot out the door.

It’s important to understand that not everyone is the same and knowing how to communicate effectively with different people ensures that you get the best results. For instance, an introvert will respond differently to what an extrovert might respond to. Understanding how to adapt the way you interact with your team will make you a more inclusive and effective leader.

Drama based management training is a process that involves participants observing performances in which various toxic scenarios are acted out. By witnessing these scenarios, rather than hearing about them, the truth becomes more real, and participants are more likely to accept what they’re seeing. Acceptance is the first step towards change.

Participants will be encouraged to spot negative traits and, in turn, identify those own traits within their behaviour. They’ll then be taught skills to help develop positive behaviour. Our team is composed of behavioural experts, actors, and those with other skill sets beneficial to what we do. They’ll guide you through the process, helping you develop your leadership skills.

Why is Drama Based Leadership Communication Important and Beneficial

You might have heard others argue that drama-based leadership communication training is a waste of time, but it actually serves as a key to unlocking your team’s full potential. Toxic elements can fester, and even non-toxic workplaces can benefit from the inclusivity and team spirit fostered by a more diverse and inclusive leadership style.

Behaviours that were previously encouraged, whether intentionally or not, or simply ignored, can be rooted out and eliminated. This can pave the way for a team that works together effectively with employees who support and empower one another.

As for the benefits of drama leadership communication training, these are numerous and demonstrate why such training is handy for your managers and leaders. The various activities they’ll participate in will ultimately assist them with more than simply developing positive behaviours. As for the benefits, these include:

  • Highlights Issues That Have Gone Unmentioned/ Unnoticed
  • Puts Toxic Behaviours Out There for All to See
  • Invokes an Emotional Response to Seeing How These Behaviours Affect Others
  • Allows for Toxic Behaviours to be Easily Identified
  • Develops Problem-Solving Skills
  • Improves Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Plus, our courses can be translated into a variety of languages and adapted to suit different cultures. Ultimately, the purpose of drama-based leadership communication courses is to teach and reinforce workplace-appropriate behaviours while weeding out behaviours that can have a negative impact on employees and customers.

It takes a lot of confidence to lead a group of people, especially if that group contains strong personalities. Lack of confidence can sometimes inadvertently lead to poor leadership as leaders will shy away from any interaction that they aren’t comfortable with. Another plus point is that our courses can help build confidence among your leaders.

As with any form of drama, sometimes a personal touch is needed, and that’s something that we encourage here at Steps. Participants are welcome to contribute free interpretations and open-mindedness concerning observations and re-enactments. How participants contend with scenarios boils down to their problem-solving skills, emotional and social intelligence, and personality.

It’s important to note that we do not force behavioural change onto anyone, and our courses aren’t designed to allow others to gang up on individuals. This isn’t a witch hunt, and we’re not out to shame anyone. The purpose is to allow participants to explore and understand workplace-appropriate behaviours on their own through direct observation.

We empower leaders to change both in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication. Leaders can develop the skills to stand up in front of a small audience, speak out loud, carry out planned or impromptu conversations, and more. All this serves to build confident leaders who command the respect of those they lead.

Our success lies with our incredible team that’s comprised of performance actors. They know just how to coax the best out of individuals, with participants leaving feeling enlightened and ready to be the inclusive, diverse leader that their team needs.

Why Choose Steps Drama?

For more than three decades, Steps has worked with clients ranging from small start-up businesses to global corporations. Our portfolio of clients continues to grow as more and more companies realise the benefits of drama-based leadership communication training. With courses available in over 70 countries, translated into a variety of languages and adapted for many cultures, there’s no reason we cannot provide your company with the solution it needs.

Since we started over 30 years ago helping student doctors, we’ve endeavoured to build the best and most comprehensive range of services geared towards behavioural change. We work globally with clients, leveraging the power of interactive drama and creative learning techniques. Through the application of live, virtual, and media-based resources, we seek to inspire people to act differently.

While we’ve discussed leadership communication training in this article, we also offer training that covers other areas, including:

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Nothing makes for a great workforce quite like the right leadership. If your leaders are empowered with the right skills and knowledge, they can be the key to unlocking greatness among your team. At Steps, we’re committed to taking leaders and teaching them how to communicate and lead effectively. Our drama-based leadership courses teach all the fundamental skills and draw on roleplay to demonstrate toxic behaviours and how they can impact the workplace.

We work with organisations around the globe, and our courses can be translated into a wide choice of languages. From improving inclusion and diversity to removing unconscious bias from the workplace, leadership training is an invaluable tool for forging effective leaders. If you’d like to learn more, you need only give Steps a call on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000. Alternatively, you can also get in touch by filling out our online contact form or emailing mail@stepsdrama.com.