Drama Based Corporate Training

We collaborate with clients all around the world. We consult, design, and deliver engaging learning programmes both live and virtual, that bring behavioural changes to the staff of corporations. 

Our training is based on the Steps to Change methodology. We have built a corporate training program that is a reflection of corporate reality. 

Experience has taught us that holding a mirror to the world is a powerful way to help people to know theirs and other people’s behaviours. People’s skills can evolve only when they see and own their behaviours. You cannot change your life, without knowing what you’re changing it from. We use our experience to inspire and challenge thinking, always in terms of proper collaboration.

We work with the world’s most famous brands and are very proud that we have created these learning programmes and training programmes that engage and inspire people to change and become a better version of themselves. 

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The Number One Consultancy for Drama Based Corporate Training

We creatively and passionately approach the commitment to achieving a lasting behavioural change. For 25 years, we have gathered experience and have been taught that behavioural change is a long journey. Our beliefs are based on the steps to change methodology, with the knowledge that everyone needs to see and own up to their behaviours before changing them and living a new life. 

 What Is Drama Based Corporate Training?

Our corporate training is based on many methodologies and many steps. The first steps on the long road of learning require everyone to see their current behaviour and understand that there are better ways of going about life. 

We are sure that drama plays a big part in this stage. Most of our training programs use actors to hold a carefully researched mirror to our clients. The See It stage lets our drama based training clients see themselves and their behaviours, which prompts a sense of change in them. Drama is generally used in such learning programmes, alongside behaviour profiling and storytelling.  

How Drama Based Corporate Training Can Benefit Your Workplace

Our corporate training, which includes drama based training, will benefit your corporate workplace plenty. Drama is at the centre of what we want to do. The drama will strongly reflect your corporate reality. This will represent behaviours, characters, and challenges that are usually holding corporate organisations back. 

We use many experimental approaches using drama based corporate training. These approaches include engaging a Leadership Team or making an initiative that reaches many people around the world. 

Improves Teamwork and Staff Moral

Our drama based corporate training will usher in a sense of optimism within the corporate setting. This will improve teamwork between people and will increase the staff’s morale. 

Increases Confidence for All

Whenever our training is complete, the employee will then exhibit much more confidence in meetings and will have a good sense of belonging within a corporate setting. 

Promotes a Happy and Fun Work Environment

Our inclusive training atmosphere will make the work environment a much better place, getting rid of anxiety, fear, and judgment. 

Improves Relationship Between Employer and Employee

When the learning process is complete, the employer-employee connection is well maintained and will lead to more productive communications. This is all because of the drama based training leading employees and employers to a more inclusive work environment. 

What’s Included in Drama Based Corporate Training

Our drama based training and corporate training include leadership and management training, inclusion and unconscious bias, customer service training, and performance management within a corporate setting. 

 Leadership and Management Training

Our training will lead to much better leadership and management roles within any corporate organisation. 

Diversity and Inclusion and Unconscious Bias

Experience and research have embedded the thought that inclusive cultures in a corporate work environment are very important. The inclusion and diversity bring a much better customer service, and a wide variety of innovation and suggestions. 

Customer Service Training

We will make the corporate workplace better through the individuals that work there. Our Steps to Change training methodology will build a better work environment based on what is better for the corporation and for its clientele.   

 Performance Management

Our training will also greatly improve performance management in employees and employers alike. This will lead to more effective conversations and brainstorming sessions. 

Why Choose Steps Drama?

We are proud of our ability to help individuals with the help of drama based learning programmes. We are known for our diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias, performance management, leadership and management, customer service, and values and ethics within a corporate environment. 

Meet Our Coaches

We cannot be prouder of our very experienced coaching team. Our veteran teams have helped many individuals all across the world, in many corporate environments. All of our coaches have a certain theatre methodology that they imbed in their learning programs. 

Contact Us  

We are a very close family filled with many native and fluent speakers of many languages. Wherever you are in the world, please contact us via email at mail@stepsdrama.com or call us on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000 if you are interested in our training or have an enquiry. We have three main offices that you can contact based on your proximity to them.

We will always progress towards helping anyone that asks for help in changing their life and behaviour. Our learning process is known worldwide to help the business thrive and evolve into a better place for everyone in it.