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Are you looking to make lasting change within your workforce? Perhaps you see problems with unconscious bias or poor communication arising but aren’t sure how to address them? Here at Steps, we work with businesses of all sizes to promote healthy, inclusive behaviour in the workplace through drama. Through our bespoke drama-led workshops and training, we work collaboratively with clients across the globe to facilitate positive behavioural change and promote a more inclusive workforce. 

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The Purpose of Diversity and Unconscious Bias Training 

The people that make up a workforce are undoubtedly an organisation’s greatest asset, and over the last 20 years or so, more businesses have come to realise that the strength of a team lies in its diversity. A diverse, inclusive culture is beneficial in so many ways, not least of all because it allows a workforce to better respond to the needs of its clients and promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge across a broad spectrum. 

Our Diversity and Unconscious Bias training is an invaluable asset for so many reasons. Not only will you and your staff be able to recognise these unconscious biases in yourselves, but you will also be able to actively change your behaviour to promote a more inclusive, welcoming and ultimately stronger workforce. 

The aims of our drama-led Diversity and Unconscious Bias training are as follows: 

  • To recognise unconscious bias and challenge it when it arises 
  • To promote inclusive attitudes and create a stronger workforce 
  • To recognise our own unconscious biases and change our behaviour accordingly 
  • To improve workplace behaviour  
  • To increase diversity in the workplace 
  • And many more! 

We believe that training is not enough. In order to truly challenge unconscious bias and promote diversity in the workplace, it is important for staff to recognise how they themselves might contribute to a more inclusive workforce. 

Here at Steps, we believe that drama-led workshops are the best way to demonstrate how we might do this. Research shows that drama-based workshops help to facilitate open conversations and allow staff to challenge their own behaviours in a safe and constructive way. 

By investing in one of our drama-led Diversity and Unconscious Bias training workshops, you will be giving your staff the opportunity to create a more inclusive, successful and welcoming workforce. This will boost morale and the overall success of your business. 

Defining Unconscious Bias Training 

Here at Steps, our theatre-based Unconscious Bias training is a helpful tool to encourage employees to recognise, challenge and stamp out toxic workplace behaviour. Specifically, our training highlights the unconscious bias that many of us unknowingly and unintentionally bring into the workplace. 

A common example of bias would be treating someone a certain way or questioning their capability because of their age, gender, race, or sexuality. Often, this bias is not intentional but still exists, which is why it is so important to learn how to spot it, challenge it and remove it from the workplace altogether.   

Our drama-led training is overseen by our team of experts and will help your staff to recognise or suggest workplace biases that could make others feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. Of course, no one wishes to intentionally upset a colleague or make their workplace unwelcoming, but this doesn’t mean that unintentional bias isn’t a very real problem.  

Our team will guide you through every step of the training to ensure you and your staff are aware of what unconscious bias. And we’ll show you how you can work to promote inclusivity and diversity within your workforce. Our theatre-based unconscious bias training is an effective way to improve workplace behaviour, boost staff morale and make the workplace a happier, more inclusive palace for all. 

How does Unconscious bias affect Diversity?

Unconscious bias hinders diversity by leading to biased attitudes, decisions, and actions based on unconscious stereotypes and prejudices. It can result in unintentional discrimination and exclusion of certain individuals or groups, limiting diversity and perpetuating inequalities. Addressing unconscious bias is essential for fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment, ensuring fair decision-making, equal opportunities, and a supportive workplace for all.

Overview of Our Diversity and Unconscious Bias Training Services/Workshops 

Here at Steps, we are proud to be the leading provider of comprehensive, interactive training courses that tackle workplace discrimination, harassment and bias, among other things. Our Diversity and Unconscious Bias training is a detailed theatre-led programme that allows businesses of all sizes to identify, challenge and ultimately remove harmful behaviours from their workplace. 

We believe that in order for a workplace to effectively improve its understanding of unconscious bias and other types of discrimination, toxic behaviours must be witnessed first-hand. That’s why we incorporate drama into our workshops. 

By setting up specific scenarios for your staff to act out, they will be better placed to identify elements of toxic and discriminatory behaviour, as will those watching. Once these behaviours have been identified as harmful, we will work with you to discuss the ways in which they might be challenged and ultimately eradicated from the workplace.  

By learning how to identify toxic behaviour, your staff will be better equipped to challenge it and offer solutions to improve it. By taking an active role in the training, participants will be able to witness toxic and discriminatory first-hand, making it far easier to identify and stop it in the workplace. 

Our drama-led training will offer your staff an insight into how these behaviours might be improved upon and help your staff to create a welcoming, inclusive workplace free from bias and discrimination. 

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Why Should You Choose Our Diversity Training Services? 

When you choose to invest in a bespoke drama-led Diversity and Unconscious Bias training programme, you will be making an investment that will help your staff to challenge discrimination and bias when they see it. What’s more, by taking part in this interactive training, they will be able to recognise when they themselves are perpetuating unconscious bias and take steps to correct this behaviour. 

Our drama-led diversity training schemes are beneficial for businesses of all sizes because they allow staff to actually witness toxic workplace behaviour. By acting out discrimination rather than simply talking about what it might consist of, individuals are able to put themselves in their colleagues’ position and really think about how they might be unwillingly making another person feel uncomfortable through their language, physical behaviour or assumptions. 

To foster inclusive workplace environments, we offer a range of training solutions, including Theatre based corporate training and Drama Based Leadership Communication. These programmes are designed to promote self-awareness, behavioral change, and effective leadership. Learn more about our offerings by visiting our training services page.

We find that by implementing a drama-led approach, participants get far more out of our sessions than any other training course. This is because they are required to be present and active for the duration of the session, so there is little chance of them becoming bored or distracted. 

Furthermore, we find that drama is a powerful tool that aids communication as it can be employed in a variety of settings and transcends languages and cultures. What’s more, it is suitable for all learning styles, so it makes an excellent option for everyone, regardless of age, sexuality, gender or race. 

We have worked with many different types of organisations since our establishment nearly 30 years ago. From small businesses just starting out to large corporations wishing to diversify their workforce, we have delivered consistently exceptional training courses and pride ourselves on helping organisations to create a happier work environment.

Testimonies from Other Organisations 

Steps was established back in 1992 by a group of individuals who wanted to explore how drama-led training courses could help businesses improve their workplace. Since then, we have delivered our renowned training programmes to many clients, and as a result, our reputation has gone from strength to strength. We now have a loyal client base who continue to turn to us for help with a myriad of issues, including harassment, bullying, diversity and inclusion. 

We are proud of our work, but don’t take our word for it! If you would like to find out what our clients have to say about us, take a look at our dedicated testimonials page. We are sure that you will find all the information you require to convince you that when it comes to drama-led diversity training, there really is no competition. 

Our Locations 

Here at Steps, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver drama-led training programmes that transcend languages and cultures. That’s why we work on a global scale to ensure that every organisation we work with receives our unrivalled service. We will even deliver our training in our clients’ native language if need be! 

We currently have core staff located worldwide, with offices or hubs in the following locations: 

  • London 
  • UK 
  • Continental Europe 
  • India 
  • USA 
  • Asia Pacific 

Our global approach means we can design our programmes with the necessary cultural insight and awareness.  

Additional Services Your Organisation May Need 

Here at Steps, we understand that by viewing situations from varying perspectives, we can affect real change in the workplace and even in our lives outside of work. Instead of just focusing on facts, figures and statistics that tend to blur into one PowerPoint, we believe in engaging our clients by using real-life scenarios that encourage thinking and reflection. If we recognise our own toxic behaviours, we are far more likely to think about how we might improve them. 

Our courses are captivating, and their focus on interaction is one of the main reasons why our clients retain the information discussed and use it to create real, lasting change in their workplaces. When you choose to invest in a Steps drama-led training course, you will be taking the first step towards creating a happier, more inclusive workforce. 

As well as our highly effective Diversity and Unconscious Bias training courses, we also offer comprehensive drama-led workshops in the following areas: 

Our clients have found that by using drama as a tool to tackle unconscious bias and prejudice, they are better equipped to challenge their own toxic behaviours. The topics listed above are by no means an exhaustive list of the areas we can create bespoke training courses for. 

So, if you have a particular concern about your workplace that you would like to address, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will be happy to discuss your need in further detail and advise an appropriate plan of action. 

Our Performance Management courses are aimed at organisations that require a system by which staff can receive useful feedback in a constructive manner. In order for this to happen, it is imperative that your management staff are properly trained and possess the skills required to talk openly and honestly with other team members in a constructive fashion.  

Not only will this promote good communication between staff, but it is also essential for any business that wishes to increase productivity and succeed. Our Performance Management training course will help your leadership or management team to identify areas of the business that need improvement and relay these concerns to employees appropriately and in an encouraging manner.  

If your organisation could benefit from some leadership training, then our Coaching Skills training course could be the perfect option for you. For those in senior positions, it is vital to possess the appropriate leadership skills required to motivate staff and create strong interpersonal relationships across the company. Our Coaching Skills course will teach you how to make your leadership more effective by encouraging your management staff to assess their behaviour and make improvements where necessary. 

If your organisation deals with clients or customers on a regular basis, then it is imperative that your staff can deal with them correctly. If this is something you would like to focus on, then our Customer Service course is the right choice for you. 

This drama-led course will highlight the ways in which proper interaction with clients can help facilitate the growth and success of your business, as well as maintain the image of your business and retain customers. When you choose our Customer Service course, you are guaranteed to see improvements in the ways in which your staff deal with clients. 

Our truly global approach means we possess the necessary skills and experience to guide your staff on working across different cultures in an effective and respectful manner. So, if you frequently deal with overseas clients or just wish to enhance your skills, get in touch, and we will talk you through the benefits of a bespoke drama-led training programme that deals with cross-cultural working. 

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