Diversity and Inclusion Training

Are you seeking a coaching team that can help you attain a shared understanding of diversity? Then STEPS is the place for you. We can assist you, and your company will learn more about diversity and inclusion. We’re happy to provide high-quality diversity and inclusion training to businesses of all sizes. The Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs that we offer will undoubtedly help your workforce reach common understanding and unity.  

With over 30 years of expertise in drama-based training, we can teach your team about diversity and inclusion via activities such as conversation, observation, and reenactment of expertly designed scenarios.  

If you’d like to learn more about our diversity and inclusion training options, please reach out to our friendly team—call 020 7403 9000 to speak with one of our specialists right now. Alternatively, you may send your questions to mail@stepsdrama.com, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. 


Diversity and Inclusion Training

The Best Company for Equality and Diversity training  

We’re thrilled to be the number one choice for STEPS‘ high-quality diversity and inclusion training courses. We provide a wide range of courses with the goal of promoting long-term positive and constructive behavioural changes. Our goal at STEPS is to establish a healthy atmosphere in your organisation where everyone is treated equally regardless of race, gender, or status. Because of the expertise and variety of our personnel, all of whom have been appropriately trained in our methodologies, we are able to provide such excellent instruction and educational courses. 

STEPS began with method actors helping student doctors in practical scenarios to better deal with real-life experiences. Now, with almost 30 years of experience, STEPS does the exact same thing in a multitude of different methods and different concepts. As a result, we can help you achieve long-lasting behavioural skills to improve the concepts of diversity and inclusion throughout your entire company. So keep on reading to learn more about what diversity and inclusion training is and how it can genuinely benefit you. 

What Exactly is Diversity & Inclusive Training?  

In today’s world, diversity is a broad and widespread concept. Understanding the degree of variety that can be found within a single workplace is critical to developing a happy working atmosphere. Whether an employee or a customer, each individual is an essential part of a company. 

For all businesses, having a diverse and inclusive workplace is critical. It is crucial that your employees feel at ease in their workplace and feel equally respected by their coworkers. We are ready to step in to help find common ground and remove bias from your minds and daily behaviour. 

Diversity and inclusion training involves using drama-based theatre and acting exercises to illustrate bias, diversity, and inclusion better. Our courses are built just for you. That is not an exaggeration; all of our courses are entirely bespoke and customised to meet the needs of your company and your shared objectives.  

Staff Training

Staff training is an essential component of creating an inclusive and diverse workplace culture. Comprehensive staff training programs empower employees with the knowledge and skills needed to embrace diversity, promote inclusivity, and effectively collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds. Through interactive learning experiences, participants gain a deeper understanding of the value of diversity and develop strategies to cultivate an inclusive environment that celebrates the unique contributions of every individual. Here’s The training that we are providing

Benefits of Diversity & Inclusion Sessions  

Many will point out that this might be a fruitless activity that only takes time away from the workplace, but we beg to differ. Diversity and inclusion training courses have proven to be highly successful and effective among many different companies and work fields. Our diversity and inclusion course has many advantages and benefits that will make the work environment a much more pleasant place. 

It is a critical element to have every one of your team feel equal to one another. Diversity and inclusion training will make your employees more aware of how to make the workplace more welcoming to everyone. Your employees will not want to feel discriminated against or excluded based on their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. By making everyone on your team aware of what is and isn’t acceptable, they may begin to modify their behaviour and make the workplace a better environment for their coworkers. 

Once the team and workforce begin to practice their work with no bias and with an understanding of diversity and inclusive behaviour, that will start to reflect on the company as a whole. The company’s image begins to become one of diversity and inclusion towards your customers. 

Why Diversity and Inclusion Policy Training is Important    

In recent years, diversity and inclusion training has become more critical. It has been evident how important workplace satisfaction is to employees. First, your staff will recognise their function in the workplace and understand how they may make it more pleasant for others due to this training. 

Second, having a diverse workforce will improve your company’s image, making it more appealing to competent individuals. Finally, the corporate idea will be attractive, safe, and trustworthy to customers from all backgrounds who intend to connect and interact with you. 

Inclusion and diversity is a business norm and a must in today’s society, and with STEPS, we can help you keep up with the world’s pace of inclusion and diversity. 

Additional Training We Offer  

Drama and theatre-based learning, according to STEPS, is the key to meaningful behavioural transformation. Our expert staff offers a variety of instructional drama-based courses other than just diversity and inclusion training that includes: 

Every training course is also bespoke and customised to your organisation’s specific requirements. At STEPS, all of our courses are totally customised and adaptable to address any topic or necessity you see suitable for your team or workforce. So keep on reading to learn a little more about our different courses and what they can offer you and your organisation. 


Performance Management  

STEPS works with companies to help them achieve a high-performance culture. Managers seek to get the best out of each employee, which requires a high level of skill, confidence, and teamwork between managers and their team members. 

Managers must be able to interact professionally, honestly, and productively with their personnel. After attending one of STEPS’ Performance Management training programs, you can expect greater performance from each member of your team.  

At STEPS, we take a practical approach rather than concentrating just on theory. With this training, you’ll be able to better follow up on employee performance by using constructive feedback methods and producing accurate and unique assessments to assist each employee’s progress. 

Coaching Skills  

Coaching is one of the most effective skills in management and leadership. Coaching is a skill that may be taught, developed, and practised. STEPS will show you how to use these coaching abilities to your team’s personal and professional growth. 

The GROW model, we think, is an effective and well-respected coaching tool for assisting individuals in achieving their objectives and resolving challenges. We can use this method to see how your current behavioural style affects others and change their behaviour to adopt a coaching style. 

At STEPS, effective coaching can assist your manager or team leader, motivate people to make better decisions, and work as a team with greater communication and shared goals. 

Customer Service   

Customer service training encompasses a wide range of subjects. The Customer Service Training at STEPS focuses on the employee’s behaviour toward the customer. Communication methods, as well as problem-solving abilities needed in challenging or difficult situations, and the overall brand experience that the consumer receives from the employee, are all extensively emphasised. Our customer service training course aims to make the client and customer the most important aspect of your job. 

The development of practical skills is one of the advantages of taking our customer service training courses. These abilities include the application of theoretical information such as questioning strategies and understanding how to ask the proper inquiries to better assist the client in finding precisely what they need. If you think your employees may need some help with this aspect of their jobs, our customer service training courses can help. As your team engages in our customer service courses, you can definitely expect to see noticeable improvements in how they interact with customers. 

Management and Leadership

Effective management and strong leadership are crucial elements for the success of any organization. In today’s diverse and rapidly evolving business landscape, it is essential to embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion to create a thriving and inclusive work environment. Recognizing the significance of these factors, Steps Drama offers comprehensive training programs that focus on diversity and inclusion.

Management plays a pivotal role in creating an inclusive culture within an organization. A skilled manager possesses the ability to foster an environment that values diversity and encourages collaboration. Steps Drama’s management training equips leaders with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage diverse teams and navigate the challenges that arise in multicultural settings.

Leadership, on the other hand, goes beyond management and involves inspiring and guiding others towards a shared vision. Effective leaders foster innovation, motivate employees, and promote a sense of belonging. Steps Drama’s leadership training programs are designed to cultivate the essential skills and qualities required for inclusive leadership. By providing practical strategies and techniques, participants learn how to lead with empathy, respect, and cultural sensitivity.

One key aspect of management and leadership training is raising awareness about diversity and inclusion. Through engaging and interactive workshops, Steps Drama helps participants recognize the value of diversity in driving creativity, problem-solving, and overall business performance. By examining biases and stereotypes, individuals develop a deeper understanding of the importance of inclusivity and how it positively impacts team dynamics.

Effective communication is another critical element addressed in management and leadership training. Steps Drama’s programs emphasize the significance of clear and respectful communication in fostering inclusive work environments. Participants learn how to actively listen, provide constructive feedback, and engage in meaningful conversations that promote understanding and cooperation among team members.

Why Choose STEPS Drama for Diversity and Inclusion Training?   

If you’re thinking about effectively introducing the concept of diversity and inclusion to your employees and company, then the answer to your problem is STEPS. STEPS believes that using observation and reenactment of scenarios in our diversity and inclusion training course is the most effective technique for introducing equality and inclusion concepts and behaviours to your company. For many years, STEPS has provided excellent diversity and inclusion training sessions. As a result, we’ve earned an exceptional reputation and a dedicated customer base as a result of our lengthy and impressive track record of performance. 

With almost 30 years of experience and providing behavioural change consultation in over 70 different countries, we are sure that STEPS has exactly what you are looking for. All of Our drama-based courses include a wide range of bespoke educational teaching strategies. Everything is adjustable to match your organisation’s demands, from picture-based media to pre-recorded videos of scenarios to live to role-play. We will be with you each step of the way. 

Remember that the most valuable asset to any organisation or company is its people. By that, we mean both customers and employees. With our courses, we are sure to help you to achieve a positive work environment where everyone is treated with the utmost equality and respect. 


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Do you want to raise diversity and inclusion awareness in your company? If that’s the case, then STEPS diversity and inclusion training courses are the best options for you. With STEPS, you can begin improving your company’s diversity and its inclusive environment. We guarantee you the best high-quality behavioural training with over 30 years of experience. In addition, our courteous staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about our diversity and inclusion training choices.  

If you’re searching for a course that covers diversity, inclusion, and bias for your whole organisation, our diversity and inclusion training course is exactly what you need. All of our training materials and activities are entirely bespoke and customisable to meet your needs as a team and company. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, give us a call at 02074 039 000 or send us an email at mail@stepsdrama.com. 


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