COVID-19 Update

9 April 2020

It’s been a few weeks since our last team update – and just 7 days since we shared the news about furloughing some of our colleagues.  We want to make sure we’re keeping in touch regularly to let you know how things are, and what you can expect to see from us over the coming weeks.  Clearly this is a time of great uncertainty and change, so, let’s stay connected – and here’s another update from us…

First thing to know.  We’re here.  Working remotely from locations across the UK, Europe, the US and India – our core team are taking care of themselves (and each other), and working hard on the creative thinking and innovative approaches you know us for in the virtual world.  For those colleagues on furlough, we have a plan to stay connected, make sure they’re keeping well and invite them to join regular team and social events.

We’re keeping in touch with our Associates and Learning Partners across the globe, and we’ve stayed close to our clients including through hosting virtual ‘round table’ events, encouraging peers to connect and share valuable insight for navigating this new working reality. We’ve also hosted a couple of virtual interactive learning sessions, and creatively adapted our live approach to digital platforms.

We don’t know when ‘normal’ will resume, and none of us know how the world (let alone our workplaces!) will look after this seismic shift in behaviours.  But that said, there are some fundamentals here that are keeping us focused.

  • We are passionate about behavioural change – and never have we seen change on such a scale and had to
    play our part in adapting to it.
  • We are passionate about communication and how to enable connections within a room – and as that room
    just got a whole lot bigger, the communication piece got way more diverse and hugely more significant
  • We’re passionate about inclusion – and a time where personal stress and pressure, remote/dispersed
    working, furloughed teams and the global variances in the spread of this pandemic threaten to pull us
    apart, we also seem to be reconnecting and sharing a sense of communal experience as humans. How do we
    harness that sense of unity and make our future working practice more inclusive as we recover?

We’ve never professed to knowing the answers (and right now even if we had, I’m pretty sure we’d still be stumped!) – but we do know how to have the conversation.  We’ve already seen a great spirit of innovation and experimentation from our team– so once you feel like your feet are far enough under the desk (aka the kitchen table) – and you’re ready for that ‘what next?!’ conversation… we’re here.

We’ll shortly be launching a bulletin of news, content and invites to virtual events, in a bid to be supportive and help stimulate new thinking – to be sent every other week. Please click here to sign up if you’d like to receive this direct to your inbox.

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