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Are you looking for a company that specialises in bringing about behavioural changes that matter? Then enlist the role play, development, and training expertise of the team here at Steps. We help with learning behaviours and skills conducive to a productive working relationship. To find out more, call our team on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000.

What is Corporate Roleplay?

Corporate roleplay refers to a training technique in which individuals simulate real-life workplace scenarios to enhance their professional skills. It involves participants assuming specific roles, such as employees, managers, or clients, and acting out interactions and situations that commonly occur in a corporate setting. Through roleplay, individuals can practice and improve various skills, including communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, leadership, and Customer Service Training. Trained facilitators or actors often play key roles in the scenario, providing feedback and guidance to participants. Corporate roleplay serves as a valuable tool for experiential learning, allowing individuals to develop and refine their abilities in a safe and controlled environment.

The Go-To Roleplay Training for Companies

Here at STEPS, we are dedicated to the idea of utilising actors and learning specialists to bring about the transformation, so many business owners desperately seek. Through the application of high-impact drama, we can incite change that can help do away with toxic behaviours, creating a welcoming and friendly space for your workforce.

We provide the very best corporate roleplay training programmes in the world, utilising live and media-based drama to spark debate, make people think, and inform. We seek to push the envelope, hosting workshops that explore theory in practice and test out new ideas. We help individuals recognise and take ownership of their behaviours in a way that’s not intended to be confrontational.

Instead, we adopt an approach that’s honest, engaging, and enjoyable, putting toxic elements into perspective while showing everyone a better way of doing things.

Over the years, we’ve worked alongside various world-leading brands, from mobile phone network providers to supermarket chains, insurance companies, etc. We work with clients both here in the UK and across the globe, adapting our workshops to different languages and cultures. Through our innovative ‘Steps to Change’ learning development framework, we provide realistic solutions.

We assist businesses, Diversity Training Unconscious Bias individuals at every level of an organisation. And we help implement changes that become a part of the fabric of the company, offering support along the way.

About Our Training for Professional Roleplay Firms

Toxic behaviours are present in a lot of workplaces and can easily undermine operations if business owners don’t take measures to weed them out. This can include poor customer interaction, workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination, etc. The result is an unhappy working environment resulting in lower morale, reduced productivity, and increased staff turnover.

Most companies that claim to offer corporate roleplay training and development programmes only cover the theory in a classroom setting. While this comprises a part of our workshops, we also lean heavily on theatre-based learning with the help of facilitator actors and learning specialists. Drama-based learning is effective as people respond more strongly to visual stimuli.

You’re more likely to acknowledge toxic behaviour if you can see how it will affect others. That’s the key to our ‘Steps to Change’ learning development framework and how we can teach companies a better way of doing things.

Our training development programmes are distributed globally in different languages and adapted to different cultures too. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, helping individuals see and own their behaviours so that they can change and live new behaviours. And we help equip managers and leaders with the skills aligned with inclusive leadership.

To foster inclusive workplace environments, we offer a range of training solutions, including Theatre-based corporate training, Theatre Based Unconscious Bias Training, Drama Based Leadership Communication, and Unconscious Bias Courses Via Theater. These programmes are designed to promote self-awareness, behavioral change, and effective leadership. Learn more about our offerings by visiting our training services page.

Our workshops are delivered by a close-knit team of experienced professionals native and fluent in a diverse range of languages and consisting of learning specialists and actors. With a reach that encompasses the UK, Europe, the Middle East and all the way to the US and the Asia Pacific, rest assured that no matter where you operate, we can help.

What’s Involved in Our Corporate Roleplay Training?

Our corporate roleplay workshops are key to equipping members of your business with the skills necessary to be more inclusive and tolerant of others. Our training covers a diverse range of areas, such as:

Customer Service:

Customer service refers to the assistance and support provided to customers before, during, and after their interactions with a company. It involves addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Diversity & Inclusion and Unconscious Bias:

Diversity & inclusion focuses on creating a workplace environment that values and embraces differences, including race, gender, age, ethnicity, and more. Unconscious bias refers to biases or stereotypes that individuals may hold without conscious awareness, influencing their judgments and decision-making.

Corporate Leadership & Management:

Leadership involves guiding and inspiring a team towards a common goal, providing direction, and making strategic decisions. Management involves organizing and overseeing resources, tasks, and people to achieve organizational objectives.

Performance Management:

Performance management is a process that involves setting goals, assessing employee performance, providing feedback, and implementing strategies to improve individual and team performance within an organization. It includes performance evaluations, performance feedback, and development planning.

Other Drama Based Training Available

Our actors play a vital role in transforming workplace cultures around the globe through training programmes that include:

  • Allyship
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment
  • Assessment and Development Centres
  • Compliance/ Regulatory (e.g., SMCR)
  • Health and Safety Behaviours
  • Leading in Challenging Times
  • Personal Impact
  • Workplace Mental Health

Why Choose Steps Drama?

Founded almost 30 years ago, Steps has become a leading global consultancy in the delivery of high-quality, high-impact corporate roleplay training and development programmes. We work closely with clients, helping them achieve meaningful behaviour change among leaders and workers alike.

Our work comes from extensive research and sensitive analysis and is precisely structured and tailored to ensure that each client gets the most benefit. As a result, your experience will differ greatly from another company operating in the same industry. So, with the help of our actors, you can expect a learning experience that’ll precisely and expertly shape your company’s culture moving forward.

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