Are Leadership and Management the Same?

12 January 2023

All businesses have managers and leaders, as this is what keeps the daily operations progressing, but are leadership and management the same thing? People are often mistaking leadership and management as the same thing, but they are actually quite different when you look at them. While managers have people that work for them and carry out orders, leaders have people that follow them. 

You might say that these still sound like the same thing, don’t they? In actual fact, management is more about the administering of work and making sure day-to-day operations are getting handled as they should be. Leadership, on the other hand, is about motivating people to understand and believe in the vision you have set and to work with you on achieving those goals. Fundamentally, the two are very similar, but they do differ at the heart of it. 

Businesses utilise both leaders and managers, with leaders often being Team Leaders working for the management. To ensure a business achieves success, you need a strong leader and manager to work together to motivate their team and make sure all operations are being carried out.  

So, if you are wondering whether leadership and management are the same thing, you need wonder no more. Leadership and management are not the same thing, as they do differ on a fundamental level, but they are very similar. 

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Can Leadership and Management Coexist?

Now that you know a little more about the core difference between leadership and management, it is now time to discuss whether leadership and management can coexist. We outlined above that the main difference between leadership and management is that leaders have people that follow them and work to motivate their team, whereas managers have people who work for them and hand out tasks.  

In order for a business to truly flourish, both leadership and management have to work hand in hand, which means that yes, leadership and management can and should coexist. A manager will administer the work to the team, including the leader, making sure that everything that needs to be done, is done. The leader will motivate the team to complete their goals and take pride in their work. 

As you can see, this involves the leadership and management working together to get their team on board and working towards the goals. If you just have a manager simply handing out tasks, the job might get done, but to a lower standard. With a leader motivating the team towards success, the job will get done to a higher standard and everyone will succeed.  

So, for a business to succeed, yes, leadership and management can and should coexist and work together. 

How Can Leadership and Management be Improved?

Now you know that both leadership and management have to coexist and work together to create a successful business. But the question is, how can leadership and management be improved further? While your operations might be running smoothly and the team working together to achieve goals, there is always room for improvement in both a practical and psychological sense.  

Leadership and management are as much about team morale as they are about getting the job done to a high standard. With low morale, standards can slip, so it is important to work hard towards achieving both in your business. This can be achieved through mentoring and training, which is something that we offer at Steps. 

Through mentoring and training, leaders and managers can further enhance and utilise their leadership skills. Those who have completed a management and leadership course are likely to find that is improves their performance at work, and this can create a ripple effect with this improvement trickling down to their team. 

Through leadership and management courses, these people can further understand their role, their work environment, and the team they are working with. By understanding the community and culture of the team members working with them, they can adapt to their environment and use this to motivate people to their fullest potential, bringing out the best in the whole team.  

We provide practical and theoretical leadership and management training here at Steps, with the main aims of our course including: 

  • Facilitating development and assessment centres 
  • Executive level coaching 
  • Developing permanence and feedback skills 
  • Inclusive leadership 
  • Leadership responsibility in regulated environments 

What Are the Differences Between Leadership and Management?

At the beginning of this article, we touched on whether leadership and management were the same and mentioned the core difference between them. Management is more administrative, handing out work tasks and making sure jobs are done. Leadership involves motivating the team to work to a high standard and achieve goals.  

Here, we are going to delve deeper into the differences between leadership and management because, while very similar, they are different roles. Both managers and leaders need to have a thorough understanding of what they have to do in their role and, to achieve excellence, they need to understand the difference between the two roles.  

These roles are very similar to each other, and they do often overlap, but there are subtle differences. For example, a manager will focus on the setting, measurement, and achievement of goals through controlling situations in order to reach or exceed objectives. A leader, however, will focus on what these goals are and will motivate their team to achieve them.  

A manager will give direction and hand out assignments to the team, telling you what needs to be done on each day. They will have objectives to meet and, in turn, will expect their team to meet these objectives to ensure that everything gets done. A leader, on the other hand, will understand what objectives need to be met and will work with the team, motivating them and leading by example.  

So, while leadership and management are often considered to be the same thing, they are fundamentally different at the core. Both jobs require a different set of skills to achieve the same goals, and leadership and management need to work in harmony. 

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Hopefully after reading the above information, you are now much more knowledgeable regarding both leadership and management roles in a business. You will now further understand the differences between leadership and management, how these roles overlap in the workplace, why both leadership and management need to work together, and how leadership and management can be improved further.  

If you wish to improve the leadership and management in your business through the use of leadership and management courses, you have come to the right place. Here at Steps, we offer a variety of leadership and management courses to businesses, and we can tailor these courses to your specific business and requirements. You can check out our Steps to Change program on our site, or you can reach out to us directly. 

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