Making Workplace Mental Health Everyone’s Business – 2nd October 2019

9 October 2019


It was great to see so many people from a broad range of sectors at in London on Wednesday 2nd October 2019. The event sparked open and honest debate about a really important topic which can be so often stigmatised and ignored.

Participants were quick to praise the multi-format approach and the power of a live experiential workshop to understand their personal responsibility in having the conversation and helping make mental health a more widely accepted topic in the workplace.

We’re also delighted to say that the generosity of our participants through voluntary donations in lieu of a registration fee, and buying pins on the day has raised £500 for the Mental Health Foundation, who celebrate their 70th Anniversary this year!

To take a look at the video of the event, please click here.

Thank you again to all who attended, who had great levels of engagement and added such valuable insights to an important topic, and stay tuned for some news about a mental health event in Manhattan early next year – more details here!